Mike Perry is a California transplant, born in Brooklyn and raised in Freehold, New Jersey. He is currently part of Twitter’s Global Marketing team – overseeing its flagship digital property, marketing.twitter.com.

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What It’s Like to Meet Real Customers & Hear Their Stories

One of the super cool things about interning at a startup is I get to witness first hand what it’s like to see my efforts make an actual impact. Everything I do from a marketing standpoint has a measurable and actual consequence. However, these efforts are done behind a computer screen, confined in an office […]

4 Takeaways from My First Week Interning at a Startup

This summer, I have been incredibly blessed with the opportunity to intern at Handy, a growing startup in New York City. Throughout the course of the summer, I will be commenting on some takeaways from my time as an intern. I vividly recall as a freshman always pondering what it truly meant to work or […]

The Truth Behind Creativity

Creativity is the most sought after skill today, yet we are taught that creativity is rare and only present among a select few. Kevin Ashton, inventor and coiner of the phrase “Internet of Things”, denounces this notion in his book, “How to Fly a Horse”. The book contains a vast amount of historical examples to […]

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