Hello…and welcome!

I have always pondered the idea of starting my own webpage. It seemed like a really novel idea- a personalized way to market myself and express my thoughts without character constraints or creative boundaries. So after doing plenty of thinking, I decided the time was right to finally just do it. 

With that being said, welcome to my webpage!

I love sharing my thoughts on the tech landscape, in Boston and at large, the economy, financial markets and other business topics. Additionally, besides those boring topics, I consider myself to be creative minded, and hope to share my opinions on current musicians, movies, fashion, and other creative mediums I find relevant.

I spend a lot of time involved in the Boston College entrepreneurship scene and will be providing snapshots of what’s happening around campus.

For those of you who do not know me, please feel free to meander my webpage. Besides reading my posts, I hope you can learn more about me through the activities I am currently involved in at BC, and what I have accomplished in the past. If you find me even moderately interesting, follow me on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn and I’d be happy to chat!

Thanks for reading,


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