What It’s Like to Meet Real Customers & Hear Their Stories

One of the super cool things about interning at a startup is I get to witness first hand what it’s like to see my efforts make an actual impact. Everything I do from a marketing standpoint has a measurable and actual consequence.

However, these efforts are done behind a computer screen, confined in an office all day. In fact, most employees in industry rarely get an opportunity to go out and speak to actual customers.

This week I had a special chance to put aside brainstorming strategy and analyzing data to go out and speak to our customers and professionals.

This opportunity was truly special. Getting to meet these customers and professionals first-hand not only quantifies the impact of our efforts, but brings them to life. It epitomizes what it’s all about to be an employee and what we work towards.

Hearing customer and professional stories truly put things in perspective. They become more than just a ‘customer’ or a ‘pro’. I realized how amazingly diverse each and every pro is, and how no one customer’s need is the same. Some customers have been using the platform for years, a testament to the affect it’s had on their daily lives. Professionals use the platform to meet a variety of needs, from pursuing their dreams, to giving them flexibility to raise their families. These traits are incomprehensible when these folks are viewed merely as part of metrics.

Photographing and videoing these folks captured these awesome individuals, who I hope others will find equally as special.

If you are an intern, or even an employee at a startup, I highly encourage you at some point in your journey to not just speak to these folks, but to go out and meet them. Listen to their stories, capture their uniqueness, and share it with the world. Not only you will be better off for meeting them, but it will dramatically grant you a greater sense of purpose for why you toil long hours growing your business. It’s the customers that define why you do what you do- take the time to hear their stories.

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