4 Takeaways from My First Week Interning at a Startup

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This summer, I have been incredibly blessed with the opportunity to intern at Handy, a growing startup in New York City. Throughout the course of the summer, I will be commenting on some takeaways from my time as an intern. I vividly recall as a freshman always pondering what it truly meant to work or […]


The Truth Behind Creativity

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Creativity is the most sought after skill today, yet we are taught that creativity is rare and only present among a select few. Kevin Ashton, inventor and coiner of the phrase “Internet of Things”, denounces this notion in his book, “How to Fly a Horse”. The book contains a vast amount of historical examples to […]


New Year, New Fitness Goals

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: My workout routines are tailored towards my body type, metabolism and goals. Each person has unique fitness needs and should construct a plan that best suits them. Nonetheless, I want to share what I have learned thus far and discuss my motivations in hopes that others will be able to reflect on their […]

Start at Shea

Female Founders Panel

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94% of venture capitalists are male…in 2014, only 10% of VC funded startups contained female founders. These statistics were shocking to me. In an industry centered around innovation and creativity, there still exists a large gender disparity.   In an effort to bring attention to this, I recently led an event hosted by the Shea […]

Boston Tech

Tech Conference 21

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Prior to leaving for Thanksgiving break, Harvard held a fantastic event called “Tech Conference 21” – formerly the Harvard Cyberposium. In the past, this event has hosted such keynote speakers as Sam Altman and Marrisa Mayer, to name a few. Even though they held the event last year, I chose not to go. I finally […]


Hello…and welcome!

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I have always pondered the idea of starting my own webpage. It seemed like a really novel idea- a personalized way to market myself and express my thoughts without character constraints or creative boundaries. So after doing plenty of thinking, I decided the time was right to finally just do it.  With that being said, […]